Architecture of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital and most populated city in Denmark. Originally a fishing village in the 10th century, now thriving as the cultural and economic center of Denmark.

Copenhagen is home to some fantastic and varied architecture. From the center of town to the suburbs, some really ambitious and innovative projects have been undertaken.

A good example of this is Copenhill. Copenhagen is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world with a target of being carbon zero by 2025. Copenhill, designed by BIG, is a combined heat and power waste-to-energy plant, claimed to be the cleanest incineration plant in the world. It’s expected to burn 400,000 tonnes of municipal waste annually while reducing sulphur and nitrogen oxides by 99.95% and 90% respectively. Also, it’s a ski slope!

Being a coastal city, Copenhagen makes the most of it, with sea baths that are not only beautiful to look at but really practical communal spaces. Kastrup sea bath is centred around a sheltered bathing area, lots of seating, some diving boards and a views as far as ?resund Bridge linking Denmark to Sweden. Designed by White Arkitekter.

Being a large city, Copenhagen needs places for people to live! And as with lots of the architecture around the city, the housing is interesting and innovative. 8 House, another design by BIG, is shaped as the name suggests!

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